Scientific Experiments

A second 15-minute write-off with friends, this time with the theme: Scientific Experiments. Even worse than last time, but oh well. I do really like the idea, though; who knows, maybe some day I’ll expand on it. But for now:

Scientific Experiments

The beast opened an eye. It was covered in thick, black fur, wrapped grotesquely in thorny armor. Its leonine claws were sharp as swords, and its hind legs were rippling with powerful tendons. The shoulders were hunched like a wolf, powerful and overcoming. Its tail bore three prongs, and on each tip was a sharp blade.

Another eye opened. This time from a different head, for the beast had three. Each bore a set of impossibly huge, gaping jaws, lined with teeth the size of daggers. Blood red eyes glowed from each of the heads, encompassed in sunken sockets. All six eyes were opened now, and he was hungry.

He rattled his cage, trying to escape from his prison, but his master stood by, unmoving.

My God, the scientist thought to himself. What have I created?

He shuddered as a cool breeze came in through the open mouth of the deep, dark cavern. All sides of the room were adorned with various lab equipment, bubbling and hissing sometimes. The scientist observed all the equipment around him. All this stuff…almost anything I could possibly want at my disposal. And I created this. 

The horrific behemoth slammed against his cage again, its teeth wrapping outside the metal crate, pulling and twisting in an attempt to escape.

But it won’t, the scientist thought to himself. That was the one thing he had done right, after all: created a prison that could hold even the most horrible beasts such as this.

The beast made a sound. It was similar to a bark, yet more horrifying than even the most bloodcurdling roar. The scientist was immediately thrown from his thoughts and his eyes flashed toward the best. I wish I could just kill it and be done with it.

 But no. That’s not what the rules were. Given a seemingly unending grant by the government, there had been only few rules: he was to create the perfect animal to protect against National Security, as long as he told no one, never left the cage, worked tirelessly, and didn’t destroy anything.

He sighed, and picked up a notebook from his lab desk. His current project was a new prison for this beast, one that would protect him from the sound his creation made. He was drawing up plans for it, whistling, when he heard a huge crash.

Before he could even look around, the beast was upon him. It tore huge chunks of flesh form his body, ripping it mercilessly and without end, needing the nourishment.

The last thing the scientist saw was his latest experiment coming at him with jaws agape, ready to consume him whole.


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