Pitpat pitpat pitpat

The rain hit the concrete floor vigorously; sheets of water falling down from the charcoal sky, seemingly a whole ocean worth. It was unending. I stood on the porch to my apartment building, shielded by a few feet of concrete above my head. I didn’t want to go out, to get wet, but I did.

I reached into my jacket pocket and extracted a pair of aviator sunglasses, placing them on my face and then walking out into the storm. Suddenly I felt the violent drops of water against my cheeks, soaking my shoes and pants as my foot plopped into a puddle.

Great. Now I’m freezing and wet. I looked up at the sky and cursed. Why today? Why now? I shook my head and continued on, splashing to more puddles on the way. I had to admit, though: I pulled these sunglasses off. Yes, even in the rain. Swag, right there.

Finally I made it to my old, beat up car, opening the door as quickly as possible and getting inside, sheltered from the pouring rain. I sighed, taking off my sunglasses and wiping them off before replacing them on my face.

No one understands me. The things I do. Like this, for example; they’d all just ask Why do you wear sunglasses in the rain? and think I’m an idiot. Truth is, they were jealous. Yeah, that’s it. They wished they could pull off sunglasses in the rain like I can. Suckers.

The thought brought a smile to my face for a minute or two before I realized my predicament once again: it was raining. Sighing, I shook my head again. Someone must be reveling in my misery, I thought. What other point is there for having rain but to annoy me? My look soured, instantly reversing any sort of happiness I had had only moments before with that smile.

This is just great. I placed the key in the ignition and turned it clockwise.

“Oh, of course!” I exclaimed out loud as the car didn’t start. I smacked a hand on the dashboard, the fury in me rising. “I swear, if this thing doesn’t start soo—” The engine kicked to life.

“Yes!” I yelled, pumping a fist. I ignored the…concerned…looks on the faces of a few teenagers walking on the sidewalk next to me. They were just jealous.

I pulled out from the spot and immediately hit the switch for the wipers, trying to clear my vision. But the rain was relentless, and I had no choice but to go as slow as possible in order to drive safely.

I hit the radio button and immediately “What Is Love?” began playing; my favorite song. My only song, actually. The only CD, tape, or MP3 file I owned was of this song. I loved it. I turned the volume up and began violently bobbing my head to the beat, a smile plastered on my face.

Driving always put me in a better mood. Raining or not, I had my song. At this point I had forgotten completely what I had left my apartment to do, simply driving forward, my music playing and my head bouncing. It was bliss.

~ :: ~

Author’s note: Yes, I realize the oddity of this piece. That’s the point; this character is very weird.


2 thoughts on “Rain

    1. Thank you, but yeah usually I look out for that kind of stuff; I just didn’t care here because I thought it added to the quirkiness of the story, haha. If you want, the post before this one (“The Tower”) is a much better-written story, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for commenting!

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