A blast of fire flew at me. I jumped to the right, rolling to catch my fall upon hitting the ground. I quickly got back on my feet, sword up and ready, facing my attacker. He threw another ball of fire at me, but I was ready this time and easily dodged it, spinning closer to him. I thrust out my blade and he parried with his own, blocking every attack I made yet making no successful attacks himself.

For a brief moment our swords became locked, and I knew instantly it was the chance I needed. I channeled electricity through my blade, enough that the current would flow from my sword to his and into his hand. That one second of hesitation as the electricity flowed into his body – not doing any real damage as he was a being of fire – was all I needed.

I pulled a dagger from its sheath on my thigh and thrust it up into his torso. The blade only dug a centimeter into his skin before I had to let go and focus once again on my blade, the battle on. But it was enough – enough to slow him down, even if only marginally.

I swiped my sword again and he parried with the flat of his blade. But he was tiring. I could see it in his eyes – pain. Blood dripped from the wound in his side, and his breathing became heavier. I thrust upwards with my weapon, and he responded, blocking the blow that was merely meant to raise his arms above his head.

I took the opening and kicked him on his solar plexus. I flipped backward, quickly retreating while he recovered his breath, and picked up my second sword that I had dropped minutes earlier. I sheathed them both and withdrew an ax from its place on my back.

I held it pointed downward, hanging at my waist and raised my left hand. Navy blue lightning bolts surrounded it, and soon my whole hand crackled with electricity, sizzling as the electric current coursed throughout my arm and into the air.

Once enough energy was gained, I hurled the searing ball of electricity at my opponent. Quickly activating the mask that was strapped to my shoulder, I teleported thirty feet to my left, my armored boots landing softly on the stone ground. I raised the axe and threw it at my opponent, trying to dodge the blast of electricity I had sent only a second earlier.

He succeeded in dodging the blast, but fell right into the path of my axe, cutting a deep gash into his side. Blood poured from the open wound and pooled on the cold, charcoal floor.

I turned and walked away, not noticing the stream of fire headed at my back. The stream of death.


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