The Diamond

The Diamond

I picked her up at her house, ringing the doorbell once and waiting for her to answer. Less than ten seconds later, she did. I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek and led her to my car, her hand in mine. I opened the door and helped her in, making sure her dress wouldn’t get caught. I closed it behind her before walking around the car and into the driver’s seat.

We arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes later; not much traffic on a Wednesday evening. I once again opened the door for her and paid the valet. I buttoned the top button of my suit jacket and interlocked my arm with hers, opening the door for her as we entered the restaurant.

“Reservation for Wills,” I said to the attendant who greeted us. He led us to our table and I pulled back the chair for her as she sat down.

“This is lovely, John,” she said to me as I sat down. I smiled and thanked her.

He had a lovely meal with pleasant conversation throughout, and when we were finished, I asked, “Some desert and champagne?”

She smiled her perfect smile at me. “Of course,” she laughed. I ordered two glasses and a chocolate mousse cake to share.

When we were finished we took a walk through a series of gardens outside the restaurant. The smell of flowers filled the air, and the stars and moon glistened above as crickets chirped. We came to the end of a walkway that ended in a balcony, overlooking the ocean.

“What a beautiful view,” she said.

“I agree,” I said, but I wasn’t looking at the ocean. I was looking at her. She caught my eye and smiled, taking my arms and wrapping around her. I held her close, just staring out into the shadowy waves below, the faint sound of them crashing against the sand filling our ears, the saltwater smell rising to our noses.

I wanted to stay like this, forever, but I knew we couldn’t. We had to leave eventually. But for now we were there, and I cherished every moment.

I released my grip and pulled away gently.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” I held her hands, staring into her eyes that were as blue as the ocean itself; her flaxen hair flowing gracefully in the wind. I reached into my pocket and felt the tiny box with my fingers. Inside I knew was a diamond ring – it had cost a fortune, but for the perfect girl it was worth it. I knew the perfect girl was standing in front of me, holding my hands in hers.

I released the box from my grasp, joining my hand to hers again. “I love you,” I whispered as we kissed. She was my diamond. My everything. The most precious thing in the world to me. I reached into my pocket again and knelt down to one knee…


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