Lightning flashed across the sky, cracking the dark abyss of the midnight sky if only for a moment. Thunder followed, rumbling loudly, the sound reverberating through the ground. The rain fell, first just a single drop, then two. The duo multiplied into dozens and hundreds. Thousands of small globules of water crashed to the earth. Puddles began to form. Rivers and lakes began to swell. The torrent was unending, unrelenting.

Another white dagger pierced the sky followed again by the thundering roar resounding in my ear. For the briefest of moments I could see the silhouette of a tree as the light struck from the clouds to the earth. The charcoal ceiling became darker and darker as more and more droplets fell.

I spread my arms out toward the heavens, the beads of water pattering down upon my clothes and face and hands, rendering my hooded cloak worthless. I embraced the rain, and soon my whole body was soaked. A flash behind me, another growl of thunder. The reverberation seemed to flow right through my entire being, my heart pounding faster and faster and harder and harder with each new rumble. I had never felt so alive.

I gripped the staff in my hand even tighter, the ball on the end of the black rod crackling with energy, visible electricity coursing through the entire orb. I held it higher and the lightning met with the electrified orb, the energy flowing from the rod to my body.

I began to rise into the air, the midnight voltage surrounding me, the sheer energy lifting me up. For the first time since the storm started, I looked back down at the man still on the ground before me. My piercing blue eyes glowed brighter than ever as I faced the eyes of my attacker, now not as confident as he once was.

I kept my gaze and began to form a ball of electric energy in my hand. “The weather is mine,” I thundered as I released the attack.


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