Through the Eyes of an Animal

Through the Eyes of an Animal

I watched the crowded bar from my seat in the corner. The wooden pipe in my mouth, a mug of beer at the table before me, my face obscured by a large hood. The embers glistened as I puffed on the pipe, shedding a faint glow on my face for a brief moment before dying down again. The candles flickered around me, spreading a warm glow throughout the room.

People walked to and fro. Looking over at me occasionally; mostly simply ignoring me. I ignored them, too. Focusing on the bar as a whole, on the patrons sitting throughout it. I observed each and every one of them, how they acted, how they spoke, what they said, and most importantly, what they looked like. They were all overall unappealing. Middle aged people mostly, talking frivolously with one another, throwing around jokes and laughs. Wasting away their life by coming here most nights, drinking and partying.

Of course I couldn’t blame them. I used to do it, too. But then I discovered it. A way to be in ecstasy. I learned to become the hunter, and every time I killed it filled me with intense satisfaction.

I allowed a slight smile to escape my lips before I quickly regained my composure and continued watching those around me. So far, no one looked promising.

I stared ahead, my eyes focused on the people, glowing periodically as the light from my pipe hit them.

I soon became bored, no one interesting at all in the bar. I remembered the night before, how fulfilling it was to my desires. I had found two that night; a rare gift. I could see my room still, the image still fresh in my mind. It was then that I realized I hadn’t cleaned up yet. Blood still stained the walls and carpets, but I didn’t let it bother me. I’d get it dirty again tonight, or so I hoped.

I flexed my hand into a fist beneath the table, the anticipation growing. I grabbed the mug of beer and took a large swig, the cold liquid cooling my throat.

The bar door opened. And finally the perfect candidate had come. Young, alone, blonde, she proceeded to the bar. I quickly took another gulp and stood up, advancing toward the bar. My prey found.

“Mr. Daniels, hands in the air,” a voice said behind me. I froze. I took a slow glance behind me and saw two men in suits with their guns pointed. I slowly began to comply, raising my arms toward the ceiling.

They quickly rushed in, grabbing me roughly and throwing me to the ground. I made no struggle. Perhaps it was time to let my fantasies go.

“So, didja find the souvenirs?” I asked the man who was cuffing me.


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