Life of a Father

Life of a Father

I stare soothing at the big blue eyes,
Looking up at me with innocence—
Cerulean skies observing the lines and creases of my face.

He wants to cry, upset at being near all the loud people—
People clanging their glasses together in toasts to the bride and groom,
People slapping each other’s backs in embraces,
All oblivious to the sensitive ears of Little Liam—
But he sees my face,
Knows he is safe in my arms,
And a smile spreads.

His little face lights up, and I place a kiss on his head.
I know he wants to sleep, so I rock him back and forth in my arms.
Swinging and turning gently as his eyes slowly blink closed.
I smile—this is the life a father.
There is nothing greater.


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