Eldritch Abomination

You feel
That inexplicable, utterly chilling sense
That you are being watched.
Up and down your spine
In waves
The icy electricity goes shuddering
And you tense, frightened
Ready to run
But there’s no warning
None at all.

From the darkness behind you
A hiss.
The fear grips you again.
You feel
Your shoulders being torn backward
Your body being lifted off the ground like a rag doll—

It got you.

The creature is revealed
In the brief instant it steps into the light
The sight is horrible;
The grotesque features unveiled.

You scream in unadulterated fear
The knife-sized teeth advance
Ready to tear your body apart.

The dream is real
But it’s too late.

With another hiss,
The creature darts its bloody maw
Awful jaws agape
Down toward you.

You cry out again
In horror
In pain
In terrible agony.

Its tentacles consume you
And it all ends.

~ :: ~


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