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Pattrick Clayton is a farmer in a somnolent Lancaster town, affable, charming, loved by all. Since his father died, and since he came out of the Great War alone, he has struggled to come to terms with the death that plagues him. It only becomes worse when, to add to his grief, his aunt is found dead in her home. Not a year has passed since the armistice, and the beloved town gossip has been poisoned–and to all appearances, she poisoned herself.

Pattrick can’t believe it any more than the rest of the Claytons, whatever the police say. Investigations continue, but before anyone can make up their mind, another death strikes the family, this time even closer to home. And, this time–it’s murder.

From the nearby city of Philadelphia comes retired private inquiry agent, Leo Westmacott. At first he’s only an old family friend come to pay his respects; but duty is a difficult thing to avoid, and soon he’s playing the role of sleuth once again. Now he has to readjust himself to the detection game and get to the bottom of these murders. The complaisant Pattrick Clayton agrees to help, and soon they are joined by Leo’s dependable secretary, the charming Miss Slaytor. The deeper they inquire into the lives and minds of the people of Mockingbird, the more they realize that life is no more innocent, no more docile, and no less dangerous in the country than on the backstreets of Philadelphia.

Filled with vivid characters, flavored with heart, and steeped with wisdom, The Second Death is more than a study in murder and mystery but in loss, family, friendship, and death itself. A vivid cast of characters will light your way along an ingenious maze of secret and deception while the secretive Leo Westmacott will leave you completely in the dark until the final moment.


So a few days ago my friend published his first book — a murder mystery (my favorite genre). You can buy it now for $0.99, or wait until January 26th through January 30th where you can get the book absolutely free.

If you’re a fan of murder mysteries, give this a try (and download it for free during the 5-day promotion if you don’t want to pay) and help a first-time-published author start his career. =]

You can get the book here.


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