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So I and 14 friends from my Skype writing club, The Ambage, decided to publish an anthology, with myself as the compiler and editor. After a lot of hard work and editing each other’s stories, we finally have a paperback book to show for it. And so, without further ado, I present:


 X:15: an Ambage anthology

Buy it here:

Set at the lowest price allowed, you can get a paperback version for only $5.89. So please, purchase a copy, give it a read, perhaps a review and tell us what you think. =] The title and The Ambage are both explained in the Preface/Introduction.

There’s also a Kindle and Nook version, but the formatting is not up to the standards we’d like, and this whole anthology was created to be read by paperback. The paperback version will be available on soon as well, but it will be for the exact same price. Almost all of the money goes to Createspace, the rest going to Amazon and a tiny bit goes to myself which I will spread around to the other authors if we make any significant amount. But again, I set the price at the lowest possible as we’re not looking to make a profit — we just want to get our work out there for people to enjoy.

The anthology consists of 42 flash fiction stories by 15 different authors for 15 different themes. We offer a large, large variety of styles and genres here, so whether you’re a fantasy or sci-fi fan, a mystery or thriller fan, a comedy or tragedy fan, you’ll find something here for you. It would mean so much to us if people bought it and reviewed it — that’s all we ask, and that’s all we want; we’re not looking for profit.

Thanks! I hope whoever decides to buy it enjoys it. =]

~ Andrew Page


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