Death Around Us

Death Around Us

The wooden door creaked open.
A small blade of light pierced
The aphotic darkness as I strode
Through the door—Slowly, carefully.
Hyperaware of my surroundings.

With the door fully open
The church seemed completely gray;
Covered all over with dust and cobwebs.

The stench of death hit
Long before my eyes saw
The mausoleum—bits and pieces
Of charred flesh, severed limbs
And bloodied corpses of all sizes
All strewn throughout the room.

The wooden soles of my shoes
Echoed throughout with each step.
The shock and horror hit me—
This was the world we lived in
The terrible slaughtering
That had become a daily sight.

This was everyday life
The hell we have to live with
Day after day. Night after night.

Should we even go on?


A/N: Once again written for my creative writing class. I know the images/setting/etc. are all very vague and not concrete, but in a way that was my intention. This was based off of a story idea (that will most likely be a serial), and this would be a little “promo piece”, if you will. If you had a dystopian, older-time-period setting in mind while reading this, you’re on the right track.

Currently I’m working on a half-finished novel (hopefully going to finish it during April’s CampNaNoWriMo), but after that I’ll start working on this, most-likely. I already have a lot of ideas floating around, and will definitely keep updates posted on this blog. Thanks for reading!


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