Sunday Editorial: Constellations

New Anthology! This also is the first blog post on the new, official Ambage website! Please consider following the blog and possibly even buying the book! ^^

The Ambage

It’s my pleasure to officially announce that the second Ambage anthology is now on sale!


an Ambage Anthology of Science Fiction

(amazing artwork by John Matz)

Buy it from:

If at all possible, we definitely do prefer you purchase it from Createspace, as that way it supports the Ambage, but either way, purchasing it is the important thing! Note: The price was set at the lowest price possible, giving us none or very little profit depending on where you buy it — we’re not looking for profit here, all we want is for people to buy it, read it, and enjoy it.


 . . . is the second anthology of short fiction published by the Ambage, the first being X:15, a collection of flash  fiction pieces organized around fifteen different themes. Constellations presents thirty-odd short stories written  specifically within the genre of science fiction, featuring…

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